How do I join the development team?
At least initially, it is the intent that this project be distributed in nature. There is no real "core team" to join, which allows people to contribute without strings attached.  That means contributors:
  • Decide what they want to work on.
  • Only need to work on what they want so long as they are interested in it.
  • Have no obligation to complete tasks.
  • Have no schedule to be concerned with.
  • Still earn place as a contributor.

It is meant to be a fun hobby, not an obligation or a job and besides, life happens!

What licensing awareness do I need to have?
Please know we need to remain compliant with Creative Commons (CC) and GNU General Public License v2 or later licensing.  Input sources for work performed must also be compliant with these licenses.

What things can I do to contribute?
Lots of things.
  • Conversation : That's right, simple feedback, criticism, ideas, comments and even preferences help keep things tracking in a good direction.  The idea is "melting pot", while not everything can be used or retain its original flavor, best efforts will be applied to melt it in as an ingredient.
  • Art : Concepts, models, textures are needed ranging from environment to items to bad guys.  Even as a point of conversation, things can be evolved by the community (i.e. doesn't have to be a Picaso, just your best).  Completed 3D models can be uploaded to Blendswap or OpenGameArt (or anywhere else you please) and a link can be provided @  Please see License Awareness above.
  • Audio : Music for the levels and sound effects for the environment, characters and otherwise still need to be tracked down and sorted.  Finding those things and creating lists is quite useful.  An excellent place to get started is
  • User Interface : While art is a big piece, there is still the mechanics of what and how that needs to be worked out.  Providing ideas, generating mock-ups or just joining in the conversation helps.
  • Story :  The story is very loose and not meant to be very serious at all.  Different levels, back story, dialog, etc. are quite malleable but there will still be a lot to write to fill it all out.
  • Code : A project repository has not currently been setup.  Once code begins becoming available this will happen.  In the meantime shares can be made
  • Documentation :  Boo, the most uninteresting, but necessary part.  For now filling out the Game Design Document (GDD) and detailing the Game Play are big pieces.  Even if you are not sure "exactly" what is needed to fill out those pieces, even a first attempt help creates a foundation to complete.
  • Anything else?  :  Well, if you have an idea, they are certainly welcomed too!

The best way to contribute these things for the time being is on the Blender Artists forum thread located here:   When posting there, myself and the community will provide feedback.  That feedback then tempers the project as best it can within reason (effort).  How well will this work?  I guess we'll find out.

I'm new to art and modelling and/or not very good, can I still contribute?
Actually, yes you can.  You can still contribute your ideas, concepts and models.  While they may not be used directly, if the idea and concept fits well they can still be used by participants to turn into game grade models.  The credit will still be yours for concept and contribution.  Guidance may also be given or references to learning material to use to improve, it can also be a good learning opportunity.

Anything else I should know?
Just one thing I can think of.  Criticism from the community can sometimes be harsh or maybe not agreeable and by participating you subject your work to the opinions of the community.  It's important feedback and needs to be met with respectful and responsible responses.

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